How to make strawberries in syrup

One of the most appreciated fruits since ancient times are strawberries, small delicacies that stand out for their intense flavor and excellent nutritional qualities. The syrup is a mixture made of water and sugar that allows us to keep fruits longer. Below we explain How to make strawberries in syrup.

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Healthy strawberries are chosen, at their fair point of maturity, it is preferable that they have a similar size.


They wash and, after removing the peduncles, gently drain on a cloth


Strawberries are packed in a terrine, and coated with syrup boiling, then cover and leave in maceration until the next day.


They are carefully introduced into the jars, the syrup is filtered from the maceration to separate the hard and reddish granules that come off the fleshy part of the strawberry during the maceration).


The filtered syrup is reduced to a simmer, and poured, boiling, over the strawberries.


Place the washers and lids and sterilize in water that does not boil (87 degrees) for 20 minutes.

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  • To make strawberries in syrup you must select large strawberries and in good condition, be careful that they are not scratched or beaten.