How to freeze green beans


Many people grow their own garden at home and have the need to freeze the fruits that it gives them to be able to enjoy them during the year, other people prefer to buy fresh in the market but do not have time to be able to eat those products before they begin to lose properties.

For all these people it is essential to know this method to freeze green beans, with which the vegetable can remain intact for months, recovering the same flavor as being just cut at the time you want.

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To freeze the green beans is not enough simply to put them in the freezer, we have to prepare them in a concrete way to be able to preserve all its qualities and flavor without damaging them.

When frozen, ice crystals are created in food, if not done properly these crystals can change the structure of the food, making the beans have a unpleasant taste to metal, which lose texture that characterizes them and all the nutrients that this very healthy vegetable has.

To prevent this from happening freezing should be fastIn this way the ice crystals that form are small and cannot break the cellular structures of the bean. To know how to freeze green beans quickly conserving its properties you must follow the steps that we give you below.


Vegetables that, like green beans, are taken cooked, should bleach before freezing. This means that they have to scald in boiling water, drain and cool immediately with very cold water. To do this you have to put cold water with ice in a pot or basin and pour the green beans after scalded.

The blanching should be done with boiling water with a time that will vary, depending on the thickness and cut of the beans, between 1 and 3 minutes. The larger the green beans, the closer it will be to 3 minutes, while if you cut them into smaller pieces it should be less time.


Once the green beans are cold, you have to scrub and dry. This point is important because they should dry completely, without leaving water that then freezes and burns the beans. Once dry if they freeze immediately we will have deactivated the beans protein that can spoil the food with its reactions.


When we put the beans to freeze it is important to do it in small portionsIf we add this to the fact that they are already cold when they go to the freezer, we greatly minimize the risk of crystals forming that could damage their good preservation. In this way, freezing will occur in a homogeneous and fast way.


The beans can remain in the freezer up to 12 months, so we recommend eating them before they exceed that date. A good way to have it controlled is write the date on paper of the freezing day, so we will know at all times how much time they have left before starting to lose the properties.

When you want to eat you simply must put them in boiling water for 30 minutes, without previously defrosting or anything, add them to a boiling pot and let them defrost there

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  • Beans should be wrapped tightly, so that they do not dry out and without air so that odors that affect their taste do not enter.
  • It is important that you do not touch the walls of the freezer, because otherwise you can burn the beans and spoil them.
  • Removing air from the bag in which you freeze green beans is important so that they do not burn.