How to make grilled sole

The sole It is a white fish very advisable to include in our diet. Its great contribution of vitamins and its low fat content make it a perfect food for people who want to lead a healthy life.

There are many ways to cook the sole but in let's show you one of the most traditional and most popular in all kitchens: grilled sole. Keep reading and learn how to make grilled sole, a very nutritious recipe that is recommended for both children and adults.

15 minutes Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • 2 sole fillets
  • 1 lemon
  • Olive oil
  • Parsley
  • Salt
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The first step to know how to make grilled sole spread the fillets of sole with a little oil with the help of a kitchen brush. Meanwhile, put a splash of oil in a pan and turn the heat on medium.


When you see that the oil in the pan starts to heat up, pour the sole fillets and let them be done on one side as on the other. Pour a little salt over the fish and a little chopped parsley to cook with the taste of this species.


The sole It is cooked very quickly and in just under 5 minutes you can have the fish cooked, however, the exact time will depend on your tastes and the power of your kitchen.


When you have taken the iron sole, serve it on a plate and sprinkle some squeezed lemon, in this way you will increase the flavor of the fish. However, this last step is optional since there are people who do not like lemon at meals.


Now you know how to make grilled sole, a very nutritious and healthy recipe. If you want to create a complete dish, you can accompany the sole with other recipes such as a barbecue of vegetables, a handful of brown rice, baked potatoes or a light cream of vegetables.

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