How to make egg-based sauces

Thesauces They are semi-liquid preparations whose purpose is to accompany a dish, be it meat, fish or other culinary preparations. Its consistency can range from liquid to one that resembles a mash. In addition it can be served both cold and hot, depending on each type ofsauce.Asauce It is used both to accompany certain foods, to enhance and improve its flavor.In this article we present some quick recipes that you can make differentsauces whosebase is always theegg.

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Escalonia sauce

To do one gravy sauce you have to heat 15 grams of vegetable margarine in a saucepan over low heat. While the margarine is warming you have to chop two steps and when the margarine is already hot you must add them to the casserole.A part you have to mix an egg yolk with 25 cl of skim milk and beat it well. Then, while stirring the mixture you have to add it to the casserole and salt and pepper to your liking. You have to beat it all together until you get a smooth sauce, then you can remove the casserole from the heat and the sauce will be ready.It is a very rich sauce for fish and white meat.

Egg and cheese sauce

The first thing you have to do is prepare a gravy sauce, then you have to take two tablespoons of the sauce and dilute them in a bowl with a teaspoon of mustard. Then you have to pour the mixture into a saucepan and add it gradually while stirring 50 grams of grated Gruyere cheese. After a few minutes you will have the sauce ready for use. It is a sauce that turns out to be very rich for birds , fish, white meat and steamed vegetables.

Capers Sauce

The first thing you have to do is prepare a gravy sauceWhen you have the sauce made in a bowl, you have to add 2 tablespoons of capers and a tablespoon of vinegar and stir it all. It is better to serve the Capers Sauce hot.

Anchovy Sauce

Like the previous sauce, the first thing you have to do is prepare a gravy sauce and when you have it ready you have to take two tablespoons of it and pour them into another bowl or bowl. To the two tablespoons of the gravy sauce you have to dilute a small spoonful of anchovy cream, which they sell in a tube or you can make two croutons of canned anchovy in a mortar. Remember not to put salt in the sauce, because the anchovies already have salt in them.

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