How to cure a mate

Mate is an infusion that is made with yerba mate leaves and is consumed especially in South American countries such as Argentina or Paraguay, where national drink has been decreed. This drink It has multiple health benefits, because it contains a high index of antioxidants and is rich in caffeine, which is why it gives energy and vitality to those who consume it.

However, what many do not know is that it is essential to cure the container where the infusion is going to be consumed before preparing mate. From said container, called the same as the infusion, it will depend on whether the drink has one flavor or another and that it retains its properties or not. Therefore, in this article, we offer you a step-by-step guide on how to cure a mate.

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What is to cure a mate and which ones are cured

The term "cure the mate" is used when proceeding to clean the container where said drink is served. We could say that it is a highly recommended procedure before preparing mate, as it is done with the purpose of eliminating the residues of vegetable fiber that can be found in the container and can alter the flavor of the infusion, as well as its multiple benefits and properties .

Matte healing is done especially when said container has been made with pumpkin, because if the infusion is made, for example, in a wooden container, it is unlikely that the flavors will turn bitter on the palate.

exist multiple methods to perform this healing, which will vary depending on the country and if you want to prepare sweet or bitter mate. Among the mates that heal are the horn or guampa, the horn, the pumpkin and the wood (where we can find carob matte, oak matte, etc.). For their part, metal, ceramic, glass, silicone and plastic mattresses should not necessarily be cured, since they do not have residues inside that can alter the taste of the drink.

How to cure a wood matte

The best way to seal the pores of a wooden matte is with the use of oil or any type of grease, placing said organic substance in the container before starting to use it will extend its useful life.

In the same way, you can also wash the container before preparing mate and fill it with previously wet herbs so that the inside of the container is moistened. For this to work, you must make sure the mate remains moist for 24 hours, so don't stop wetting it with warm water.

If you have noticed any sudden color change in your carob matte (or any other type of wood), as well as the appearance of fungi, the time has come to learn how to cure a wood mate.

How to cure a pumpkin mate

Pumpkin mate is one of the most frequently consumed, so it is very likely that you have wondered how to cure a pumpkin mate properly. When such healing is performed, it is necessary to fill the entire container with wet maté. Once the container has been completely lined, It should be filled with hot water and let stand for twelve hours.

Once this time has elapsed, you will have to replace the grass and carefully take off all the remains that remain inside the mate. It is an essential process, as it must be carried out at least 3-4 times before consuming the infusion again. After this time, you can prepare mate as you like.

How to cure a holy stick mate

The first thing to do to learn how to cure a holy stick mate is spread the inside of the container with butter (or any other type of grease) so as not to mistreat this type of wood.

As with the other mates, you should cover the container with moistened grass and then fill it with hot water. This procedure must be done for three daysWell, only then will you make sure the mate has the right flavor.

It should be noted that the herbs previously placed inside the container should not be discarded, as this will keep the container moist and hydrated and prevent the taste of the infusion from becoming unpleasant. You may also be interested in this article on How to avoid the acidity of mate.

Other ways to cure a mate

There are people who instead of curing mate with the aforementioned traditional method, opt for replace hot water with some whiskey before proceeding to prepare mate, since this drink gives a more unique flavor to the infusion. To carry out this procedure (especially common when it comes to preparing carob matte), you must also pass the container by fire; Only then will your walls remain compact.

When the mate is sweet, you should add approximately three tablespoons of sugar and then a hot grill. Once it has been sufficiently heated, you should proceed to cover the container, because the sugar will caramelize and will easily adhere to the walls of the glass. Once these steps have been completed, you can proceed to cure with herbs for three days.

As we have mentioned, the cure of mate will also depend on the site you are in, as well as the type of mate you want to prepare. From, we recommend this other article on How to prepare a rich and durable mate.

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