How to cook tuna


The tuna It is one of the most nutritious and versatile blue fish we can find, being a common ingredient in kitchens around the world. We can find it canned and fresh, this last presentation is the most nutritious and recommended, but despite that many people do not dare to buy it because they do not know the proper way to prepare it. Therefore, we explain how to cook tuna And enjoy its delicious flavor.

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The tuna It is a great source of vitamin A and B, full of essential fatty acids that help control cholesterol and triglyceride levels, as well as being a very popular fish in diets because of its low caloric content.

If you buy a piece of fresh tuna and do not know how to serve it, an excellent and very simple way to do it is by preparing a Tuna tartare. It is a fresh dish prepared with raw tuna, a great way to consume this fresh fish. Discover how to prepare it in our article how to make tuna tartare.


For those who wonder how to cook tuna and they don't want to bet on a raw dish, the tuna onions It is an excellent and popular alternative, as well as very simple to prepare.

You can use the whole piece of tuna or chop it into small squares. Sauté sliced ​​onion and garlic in a pan. season with salt and pepper and leave on the fire until everything is golden and tender. Add a teaspoon of vinegar over high heat and stir for a minute. Then lower the heat, add the tuna and half a glass of water and let it cook until the water evaporates. The result will be to suck your fingers.


But what if instead of fresh tuna we only have canned tuna? Well, the best alternative in these cases is to use it as a filling for the preparation of delicious dishes. A great option is aubergines stuffed with tuna, a tasty and very nutritious dish. In we explain how to do it in our article how to make eggplants stuffed with tuna.


Another option to cook tuna using the can is preparing some dumplings. You can choose to buy the dough for dumplings, fill them with a tuna stew and fry them, or you can follow our recipe how to make gluten-free tuna patties, in the event that one of your diners is celiac.


A good way to cook fresh tuna and do it lightly, it is grilled, with a little olive oil. However, you should know that tuna has a tendency to be dry, so it is important that you leave it a little raw in the center if you want it to be soft and delicious.


Finally we give you another alternative to cook perfect tuna for children and for those who are not very friendly with fish. It is a tuna, crab and pepper pudding full of flavor, easy and quick to prepare and ideal for the whole family.

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