How to unmold a flan


Proper presentation of a dish that has been cooked is essential. In fact, always a meal comes before through the eyes than through the mouth. And, as rich and tasty as it is, if its appearance does not accompany, the diner does not enjoy it so much and it seems that he even tastes worse on the palate. This not only happens when you have prepared a very elaborate dish, but it can happen when you unmold or take out the food from the cooking trays. Moreover, it is very frequent in the case of desserts and custards - sweet or savory - when unmolding. And, who has not ever broken the flan? So that it does not happen again, from, we explain how to unmold a flan without breaking it. We already anticipate that it is easier than it really seems.

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How to unmold a flan without breaking it: classic trick

The flan is not difficult to unmold. When it breaks or does not look good when removed from the mold is because there have been some errors, which are usually quite common:

  • It has not been allowed to curdle Enough in the flannel and unmold early
  • It has not cooled enough at room temperature and, when removed from the flank, it breaks

By correcting these errors you should already be able to unmold the flan easily. Remember that it is always important that the flan is well set and cold, but without having put it in the fridge. Once you have it set and cold, it's time to unmold by following these steps:

  1. Take a flat plate or tray, which has a larger surface than the flanera
  2. Place the plate or tray on the plate
  3. Turn the flan and plate at the same time and quickly so that the flan can begin to rest on the plate or tray. It's like turning a potato tortilla
  4. Leave the plate on the counter or on the table
  5. Lift the flange carefully and slowly so that the flan is demolished without breaking

With all these steps, you would already have a rich flan and with a presence worthy of the best professional pastry custards.

Candy to unmold a flan without breaking it

When talking about how to unmold a flan without breaking, the importance of candy. And, sometimes, all the above is done well, but the problem that the flan is broken lies exclusively in the caramel, when the flan is sweet and not a vegetable pie or similar.

This you will notice is that because the flan breaks only in the part that is below the flank. That is, just the one that matches the candy. If it is usually your problem, it also has a solution. The key is in the candy cooking point.

And, if the candy acquires a color as reddish or not very burned, the chances of the flan sticking increase considerably. This will make it difficult to unmold it, being sure it will break.

In this way, the key is to make the candy well so that it has a darker color and is harder so it doesn't stick. In addition, it is also essential in these cases let curd and cool the flan well at room temperature before unmolding it from the flannel. The harder it is, the better it will come out on its own and you won't have to help it by cupping the sides of the flange with the knife.

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Definitive trick to unmold the flan without breaking it

If you have tried the solutions to unmold a flan without breaking that we have commented before and have not given you result, you still have a trick that is very effective. It is a bit more laborious than the previous ones, but it is worth it because it works. What does it consist of? It is easy:

  1. Boil hot water in a large saucepan.
  2. When it is very hot, pour the water into a large fountain where you can put it inside the flannel. You can also directly introduce the flanera in the pan where you have boiled the water. It is important that water covers all sides of the mold well, but you should never cover it completely. That is, the flan does not have to get wet.
  3. Leave the cake about five minutes inside the bowl.
  4. Take out the mold and dry it well.
  5. Make a small pressure with the fingertips on the entire flank side. If you have used a flanera with waves, do not forget to make this pressure on each of the waves so that it can take off from all sides.
  6. Take a dish that is larger than the flanera and put it on top.
  7. Turn the flanera and the dish at the same time quickly.
  8. Lay the plate well with the flank on top of the table.
  9. Take a dry blow on the flan. If you do not hear it fall, you can repeat the blows as you slowly lift the flanera until it comes out.

With these tips on how to unmold a flan without breaking it we have given you in, surely you have achieved it. Do not forget either that it is not good to wash brackets and molds in the dishwasher because they usually remove the non-stick layer, making it easier for the flan to stick and, consequently, break when unmolding.

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