How to cook cockles


There is no doubt that the cockles They are delicious and versatile mollusks, which are perfect as a starter or starter, but it is also a very simple type of seafood to prepare and whose preparation is fast. There are no excuses for not making them at home, that's why we explain how to cook cockles With a delicious result.

15 minutes Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • Cockles
  • Salt
  • A glass of water
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The cockles They are a perfect alternative for a family meal or among friends, as they are quick and simple to prepare. However, the key to obtaining a delicious result is to choose fresh and quality mollusks, this will make the taste irresistible for all diners.

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The average amount of cockles per person It is 400 to 450 grams. Buy the necessary according to the number of guests and then prepare to clean them well to remove the sand.

This process is very simple and in our article how to clean cockles we explain it in detail.

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Once clean, add a glass of water over medium high heat in a pot high enough. When the water breaks to boil add the cockles and cover. Allow 3 minutes and check, if the cockles are open you can remove them, otherwise wait a couple more minutes and remove when they are perfectly open.


Once the cooked cockles, remove those that are still closed. Serve with a few slices of lemon so that each diner adds it to your taste and enjoy these delicious and fresh mollusks. Enjoy your meal!


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