How to melt chocolate in the microwave


Chocolate is a product that is widely used in cooking, being very common in desserts. And, although it seems easy to use, the truth is that it is not so much because it is very important to work well and then get good results. And to have that good base it is key to melt it properly and have the perfect temperature to handle it. To melt it, there are several options and ways to do it, although one of the fastest and easiest is to use the microwave. And it is that this appliance speeds up the process a lot because the chocolate can be melted in practically a minute. But how do you do it?

From, we explain step by step how to melt the chocolate in the microwave so you don't have problems and you can use it whenever you need to prepare your recipes.

You will need to:
  • A bowl that can be put in the microwave and that is not very large, but not too high so that the pearls or the pieces of chocolate can receive the waves equally.
  • A pastry tongue to stir the chocolate well and not stick it in it.
  • Kitchen gloves or mittens to prevent you from getting burned every time you take out the bowl with melted chocolate from the microwave and have to hold the container to remove the product.
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The first step we have to do to melt the chocolate is to determine the amount that we are going to need for the recipe in order to work with just the right thing and not waste chocolate. Making this calculation is much easier if you use chocolate drops or pearls, which also have to melt, or you are slowly chopping the chocolate bar with the help of a knife until you get the precise grams. The smaller you can make the pieces, the easier and faster it will be Melt the chocolate in the microwave. Also, make sure that all the pieces are more or less similar so that there are not some that are already melted and then in other parts it is like a kind of lump.


Once you have all the amount of pearls or chocolate chopped into small portions you have to take a container that you can put in the microwave, and the most appropriate size according to the amount to melt, and put in it all the amount of chocolate that you are going to melt.


This container you have to put it in the microwave. Once inside, the next step is heat the chocolate in the microwave at a low temperature and for a short time. Calculate that it should be in the microwave about 30 seconds The first time you heat it.


After that time, take out the bowl with the chocolate and stir. It is important that you remove, even if it is not well melted and it seems that it has barely lost its appearance of pearls or pieces. Thus you will avoid the formation of lumps.


Once you have finished removing, it is time to put the chocolate back in the microwave. On this occasion, you have to have some 15 seconds. A period of time after which you must return to remove the bowl from the microwave and stir the chocolate again. On this occasion, it will be melted and it is only a matter of turning it with the help of a spoon to make it homogeneous.


In the event that it has not yet completely melted or you notice that you have some clumps, you can reintroduce the bowl with the chocolate again in the microwave. On this occasion, check that they are also about 15 seconds. After that time, again you must stir with a lot of energy and vitality. And you will have it well melted, with a homogeneous texture and ready to use. In the event that it is not yet, you can continue repeating the process until you have it, heating it at intervals of 15 seconds and stirring.


If you have gone too far and it is too hot and excessively liquid, do not worry because it has a solution. You just have to do this step. It is about recovering its texture again by adding more pearls or other pieces of chocolate, stirring in turn very well and vigorously so that they melt in the heat without the need to introduce the bowl again in the microwave. This will recover your body, but it will still be melted.

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  • If you are in a hurry to melt the chocolate, you can also make the pearls in pieces if you have chosen this format. That way, you'll get it melted before.
  • To melt the chocolate well, it is not necessary to have a high temperature. It is enough that it is tempered. This respects its texture more and you will get better results.