How to know if kefir is bad

Have you prepared kefir Some time ago and you don't know if you can still consume it? The truth is that there are several evidences that can show that this product has been spoiled and you should not consume it. Therefore, we want to offer you these tricks about how to know if kefir is bad and we invite you to explain your experience with the kefirada milk Through the comments.

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First of all, you should know that in their normal appearance and consistency the kefir nodules must be white and elastic texture, although a bit muddy. Likewise, the fact that the nodules float should not make you think they are in poor condition.


However, all those granules that acquire a tone other than white: yellow, brown, pink, etc. along with those that are not elastic, they should be removed from the rest of the nodules that make up your kefirada milk. If all the nodules have changed their color, it will be a sign that the kefir has been damaged and is not suitable for consumption.


Likewise, another obvious symptom that kefir is bad will be its smell; and is that if it has been damaged it will give off a nasty stench of stale. In this way, it will be easier for you to realize that it is not in good condition.


In case you have chosen to keep the nodules dry, the main symptom of the damaged kefir will be that the nodules turn brown or that green traces appear.

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