How to make a yogurt with powdered milk

To prepare homemade yogurtWe basically need milk, it can already be powdered or bricked and a yogurt maker, the process of making a yogurt at home is very simple, let's see it. Yogurt is a complete food, which nourishes and brings numerous benefits to the body. In addition, it is a healthy dessert, and a great replacement for some heavy foods when dieting. Yogurt helps regulate the digestive system and helps us to go to the bathroom more regularly.

Medium difficulty Ingredients:
  • Water
  • Milk powder
  • Sugar
  • Dairy farming
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Mix warm water with powdered milk to start making homemade yogurt.


Heat the liter of milk powder at 45 ° C by checking the temperature with the thermometer.


Remove the bowl from the stove and add half the envelope of the milk crop to the milk and keep the rest in the freezer. Shake for 1 to 3 minutes.


Plug in the yogurt maker that will allow us to make homemade yogurt and deposit the mixture obtained in the yogurt maker bowl.


Leave the bowl inside the yogurt maker for 4 hours.


Turn off the yogurt maker and remove the container to the refrigerator for 6 hours. Remove the container from the refrigerator and shake.


Sweeten to taste (with any type of sugar)


Put in the fridge and enjoy homemade yogurt made with powdered milk.

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