How to cut julienne-style vegetables


The juliana style It is a way to cut food in the form of thin sticks evenly. This technique is increasingly used in the high kitchen, since it is a way to make the decoration of the dishes, as well as to make salads, soups or scrambled eggs. If you are interested in learning how to perform this technique, sharpen your knife well and pay close attention to the following article, we explain how to cut julienne style vegetables.

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Prepare the vegetables. Clean them properly before cutting and dry them well. You can do it with a clean dishcloth or let them air dry. Usually the juliana style It is used to chop fresh vegetables. In this way, you will be perfect carrots, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini or potatoes.


Cut the ends of the vegetables. That part is unusable, as it is usually more bitter than normal. Then, peel the vegetables that have skin (such as potatoes or carrots). We recommend using a peeler for the finest skins and the same knife for the thickest ones, such as cucumber or zucchini.

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Time to cut! Wield the chef's knife. Use your dominant hand for this and place the middle, ring and index fingers on the handle of the knife. It will be more comfortable if you rest your thumb just next to the blade, over the sharpest edge of the utensil.

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With the other hand, you must hold the piece of vegetables. Be very careful and protect your fingers of the sharp knife. To do this we advise you to put your hand in the form of a claw, holding the vegetable that you will chop so that it does not move.


To cut your julienne-style vegetables, you have to chop the pieces into pieces of ones 5 cm long each. That is the ideal length, although you can cut them of any size, as long as their shape is elongated.

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To make them linear, cut both sides of the vegetables. So, you will have a rectangular block and you will have eliminated the rounded shape of the piece. In addition, with the flat surface of the vegetable you will prevent it from constantly moving and rolling on the cutting board.


Cut the rectangular piece of the vegetable lengthwise, from one end to the other. The juliana court Traditional usually has a thickness of about 0.3 or 0.15 centimeters. Concentrate when it comes to chopping the vegetables so that you have a perfect cut.

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Once you have all the vegetables Julian style chopped - with elongated shapes - piles the sticks of the vegetable. And ready! Repeat the cut in all the vegetable blocks so that you have perfect sticks.


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