How to choose a cauliflower


Cauliflowers contain low calories, but much water, fiber and vitamins. They are also rich in potassium and phosphorus. This makes them a very complete vegetable and their intake is recommended. In addition, we are lucky that it is a vegetable that can be found and consumed throughout the year and can be cooked in multiple ways: from cooked, steamed, with mayonnaise, with oil and vinegar or sauteed, even in salads. In we give you some guidelines for you to discover how choose a cauliflower properly when you go to the market.

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When you go to choose a cauliflower, choose the one whose dough is clean, firm and very compact. When we talk about mass we mean buds. The leaves should have a green color and be very tender if we want to ensure a good specimen. If the cauliflower is soft, it will lose some flavor when we go to cook it.


Once at home with the purchased cauliflower, always store it in the fridge. The best thing for conservation is to use a plastic bag that we have previously made some holes for the vegetable to “breathe”. Only then, will we keep its nutritional qualities intact until we are going to consume it. In the fridge we can store it for up to 5 or 6 days.


It is not advisable to wash it until we are going to consume it, because if we pass it through the tap and store it in the fridge, it will lose important nutrients.


Cauliflower is a vegetable that can also be frozen, but in this case we recommend that you choose only the buds that are firmer and whiter and boil them for a few minutes. When the boil has cooled, then you can store the cauliflower portions in a container suitable for freezing.

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