How to make cookies for Halloween

Do you want to live a Halloween unforgettable? Make your dinner full of terrifying (and delicious) details that can make your guests' hair stand on end. How about surprising them with some ghost-shaped cookies? And with others in the form of a mummy?

Make the day of the dead different and learn how to make cookies for Halloween. In we give you the keys so that you leave them all with your mouth open. Try it and you will see!

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Pumpkin shaped cookies for Halloween

If you want to know how to make cookies for Halloween With original and fun shapes, take note of this recipe that recovers a traditional element of this American holiday: pumpkins.


  • Butter Cookies Circular Shape
  • Fondant black and orange

Instructions for making cookies:

Spread the orange fondant dough and cut it with a round mold; then, with a kitchen roll, spread it over the shape of the cookie. To stick it on the cookie you only need a little water that you can spread with the tip of your finger.

To shape the pumpkin you only need a knife to mark the lines of the pumpkin; the face can be done with the black fondant differentiating the round eyes of the mouth with different types of faces.

Read the following article you want to know in depth how to make pumpkin-shaped cookies for Halloween.

Mummy-shaped cookies for Halloween

Get your guests dumbfounded by serving them mummy-shaped cookies! To do so you will only need:

  • Circular shaped cookies (same as for pumpkins)
  • Black and white fondant


Spread the white fondant dough and cut it with a round mold. Then, place the white dough on the cookie and paste it with a little water. To shape the mummy, you will have to cut the round base of the fondant into strips; these strips will simulate the mummy's bandages. To place them on the cookie you just have to follow the order you want and paste them with a little water. Finally, add a pair of round eyes with black fondant that will give a terrifying and fun touch.

Ghost cookies for Halloween

Another classic that can not be missed on Halloween are ghosts. Learn how to make ghost cookies by following these simple steps.

Ingredients needed:

  • Ghost-shaped butter cookies (read the recipe here to learn how to make butter cookies)
  • Black and white fondant


Spread the white fondant dough over the ghost-shaped cookie and cut it with a knife following its shape. You must glue the fondant on the cookie with a little water by spreading it with the fingertip. Making the face of the ghost is very simple: you only have to make three balls with the black fondant, two for the eyes and one for the mouth.

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