How to freeze grapes

The grapes They are one of the star products of winter. To maintain all its properties and keep them properly, we suggest the following tips. we explain how to freeze grapes. With this trick you can keep the grapes in perfect condition and include them in future recipes, as well as make a delicious grape ice cream. Read this article carefully and learn the proper way to freeze the grapes.

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First, wash the grapes. It is important to rinse the fruit thoroughly before eating or cooking. With this step, you will eliminate both the pesticide residues that they may contain - which can harm our health - as well as eliminate other types of dirt. To do this, we recommend putting the grapes in a colander, as it will be more comfortable for you.


Once you have rinsed them, dry them with paper towels. Leave them on top of absorbent paper for about a quarter of an hour. It is important that they are very dry, since the minimum humidity would cause the grapes to freeze in block.


When the grapes are dry, place them on a tray, a tupper, a lunchbox or any kitchen container, if possible with a lid and large enough to spread the grapes and not stick too closely together. Otherwise, freezing them would cause them to freeze in blocks, so it would be more difficult to separate and rationalize.


If you like candy very much, we recommend that before freezing the grapes, sprinkle them with sugar. You can even make packages to rationalize them or make grape skewers with a stick before freezing them.


Put the grapes in the freezer and let them pass between 4 and 5 hours. This time will be enough if you are going to use them to make a recipe below. In case you only want to keep them, leave them in the refrigerator until you are going to use them, although how much longer they will lose both their flavor and texture. However, keep in mind that the more quantity of frozen grapes you should keep overnight in the freezer.


Enjoy your grapes! Take them out of the freezer and add them to your sweet recipes, eat them cold, mix them with yogurt or include them in your Gintónics, cocktails or even in your wine glass. Discover the magnificent flavor and texture of frozen grapes.

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