Why the cake does not rise

The cake is one of the bakery products that are most often made at home because it is quite simple to make, in addition to being very rich. However, it doesn't always work out. And, despite the ease of preparation, it is not strange that on some occasion it is seen that it sinks when it is taken out of the oven, it is noted that the base or its sides have been burned when unmolding it or it is raw inside to despite having a magnificent golden color on the outside. These are just some of the problems to which another one that is quite frequent is added: that the cake has not risen as much as it should, or rather, nothing rises. Regardless of the level of the container in which you have stayed, there are several causes that explain why the cake does not rise. From, we will explain one by one so that you can correct these failures and make some biscuits worthy of the best pastry maker.

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The cake does not rise because the dough is not well made

One of the main reasons why the cake does not rise is because the dough is not well done. That is to say, that the process you have followed to carry it out is not adequate or you have made a mistake, even if you have not noticed. Normally, problems with mass are related to:

  • The flour: the cake does not rise because you have added all the amount of flour at the same time, which makes it difficult for it to mix well and for the dough to be homogeneous. It is always convenient to gradually incorporate it into the mixture you prepare. In addition, it is also essential to sift it so that it is thinner and, therefore, the dough is lighter and the flour is better linked with the rest of the cake ingredients.
  • Mounting: Another of the most common problems that explain why the cake does not rise is the mixture of eggs and sugar. It is essential to mount it well to give it air and that it flirts better with the flour, which has to be incorporated little by little so as not to take away that air that we have given it. Likewise, the failure may be made by substituting some basic ingredient of the biscuits for health or preferences, such as changing the egg for other ingredients that fulfill their function. In this other article we explain how to replace the egg in the biscuits.
  • Repose: Another of the usual mistakes that are made and that do not raise the cake is that the dough is left to rest for a long time before baking. In general - unless otherwise stated in the recipe - it is essential that there is not too much time between the preparation and the time to bake the cake. And, as minutes go by, the weight of the flour increases and the cake loses air.
  • Quantities: Another reason that explains that the cake does not rise is the amount of the ingredients. Whether you put little or a lot of flour, the cake will not rise. And the same happens with the yeast - to add more it will not rise more - or if you have forgotten to incorporate it into the mixture.
  • Quality: It is important that all the ingredients used are of quality because, otherwise, the cake will not work out well. Special care must be taken with the flour, since it is not good to have too much protein, especially those that are already purchased specific for pastry or pastry. Likewise, it is key not to use expired ingredients, even for a short time.

If the temperature is not adequate, the cake does not rise

Another of the main reasons why the cake does not rise is the temperature. And it is always necessary to put the oven with sufficient degrees so that it is not made on the outside and the raw cake is left inside and, thus, can rise enough, although it is not the only factor to take into account in relationship to grades. If your cake does not rise in the oven, look at the temperature both of the oven itself, and the temperature of the ingredients at the time of cooking.

  • Oven temperature: Before putting the cake in the oven it is important that you preheat it so that it already begins to receive heat from the first second and the dough does not rest. The temperature should always be as indicated in the recipe you prepare although, in general, it is usually indicated at 180 degrees. If you have put the oven to preheat to more degrees, you can lower it with the cake already inside and keep it until it is already baked.
  • Ingredients temperature: Sometimes the fault is not in the oven temperature, but in the ingredients. Everything that is used to make this cake has to be at room temperature, because when they are very cold in the refrigerator they do not mix well. In addition, if you put them in the oven, the cake is already at a lower temperature and will not be compensated with what you have set, making it difficult for it to rise and for the yeast to function.

Bad habits that explain why the cake does not rise

In addition to being careful with the different aspects that we have commented previously, it is important to look closely at other gestures, which are usually bad habits that make the cake not rise in the oven:

  • Open the oven door: It is not good to open the oven door because the temperature is altered and the cake falls. Anyway, if you can not avoid it and want to see how it is baking, you should know that it is not convenient that you do it before they have spent at least 30 minutes.
  • Do not preheat the oven well: When preheating the oven, it is always convenient to add to the processing temperature (for example, 180 degrees), a total of 25 degrees more.
  • Poor the cake: In general, it is advisable to put the cake in the middle of the oven. If you put it too high, it will burn out quickly and, if it is too low, it will take longer to do and probably will not rise as much as it should.
  • Do not put aluminum foil or oven: Do not forget to put aluminum foil over the cake dough when you go to put it in the oven so that it does not burn too much on top and gives you time to climb.

With these explanations about why the cake we have given you does not come up, we hope we have helped you. It is always advisable to read the recipe very well and do not skip any indication or step so that the cake looks spectacular and delicious. Now that you know how to avoid these mistakes and get a good dessert, we recommend several delicious and spongy sponge cake recipes.

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