How to cook mushrooms

The arrival of autumn brings a culinary wonder: mushrooms. This type of fungus, which actually encompasses different species, can be consumed throughout the year if we know how to conserve them after harvesting. But regardless of whether you bought them fresh, frozen or canned, the really important thing is to be clear about the options you have to prepare them and enjoy a delicious dish. You don't know where to start? we give you some suggestions for cook mushrooms in a delicious way.

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Some recommendations before cooking mushrooms

For many people, it is common to acquire or collect mushrooms from the forest during the fall, the season for collecting this food par excellence. If you look for them yourself, you must be extremely careful in the selection process, as some of them are toxic and can cause serious damage to your health. Be clear about the most common edible mushrooms is essential before starting the harvest.

If you buy them fresh, it will also be very important to clean them well, otherwise the earthy flavor could ruin the taste of this food. And if you do not intend to cook them at that time, a good option is to store them in the freezer. In our article how to freeze mushrooms we explain how to do it.

Cook grilled mushrooms

A simple and light way to cook mushrooms is grilling them. The intense flavor of this food makes it a great option to serve as an entree, along with other vegetables such as broccoli or onion, or accompanying meat and fish.

Stirred of mushrooms

Another classic in gastronomy is mushroom scramble, especially popular in Spanish cuisine. To prepare it, it is necessary to sauté the mushrooms with olive oil, salt, pepper and if you want some other ingredient to increase its flavor, such as onion or a clove of garlic.

Once ready, you should stir the eggs, incorporate the mushrooms and cook it all together. Take out your scramble when you are at the desired point, but remember that the more juicy the better.

Mushrooms sauce

If you are looking to prepare a delicious pasta with boletus sauce, or a meat accompanied by a sauce full of flavor, then this is the way to cook mushrooms indicated for you The mushroom sauce is intense and perfect to serve with a juicy portion of meat, so it becomes a basic preparation that you can use in different dishes.

In our article how to make mushroom sauce we explain, step by step, the recipe.

Garlic Mushrooms

A basic entree, easy to prepare and delicious, that will always get you out of trouble, are garlic mushrooms, which are usually prepared with the most common type of mushroom: the mushroom, although it can also be made with chanterelles or with the variety you want.

The preparation is very simple: add oil to a pan, place the mushrooms clean and chopped and let cook for 5 minutes. Then you must incorporate 3 cloves of garlic, chopped into small pieces and a handful of parsley, pepper let cook for 2 minutes. Add 1/4 cup of white wine, stir and let cook for 5 more minutes, if necessary, pepper again. Ready! In a few steps you will have a delicious dish.

Sauteed Mushrooms

With onion, with shrimp, with vegetables such as broccoli or carrot, the sauteed mushrooms It is a perfect option when it causes us to eat something delicious without complicating ourselves too much. And we just have to cook the ingredients with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, then serve and enjoy as an entree or side dish. A simple way to cook mushrooms That will leave you sucking your fingers.

Mushroom Omelette

The mushroom omelette It is a scrambled version that is also ideal for lovers of these mushrooms. The good news is that this dish works as a nutritious breakfast or as a quick dinner, which can also be light if we add lighter than yolks. In our recipe how to make mushroom omelette you will find the step by step of this dish. You can use this same ingredient, or incorporate the mushroom of your choice.

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