How to preserve tofu

Have you bought or made tofu to cook it and don't know what to do with the leftover? Do you want to take advantage to make more quantity but do not know how to keep it? Tofu is a food formed by soybeans, water and coagulant, it is considered the perfect meat substitute for its properties and benefits, so we must keep it so that it does not deteriorate in a few days and lose its attributes. we give you some tips about How to preserve tofu.

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In the fridge or fridge

Keep the tofu in the fridge It is the most used method and it is advisable if the consumption is in one or two weeks, at most. The first step to perform depends on whether the tofu we have done it or, on the contrary, we have bought it and it is packaged. In the latter case, what we must do is open the container, take it out and throw away the water. Regardless of whether the tofu is homemade or purchased, in this next step what we are going to do is introduce it whole or in pieces in a container, we cover it with water and directly to the refrigerator.

For keep the tofu moist and fresh we must change the water every 1 or 2 days; We do this because tofu is very absorbent and moisture prevents the flavors of other foods from entering it.

In the freezer

The frozen tofu It can last up to three months. On this occasion, what we are going to do is cut the tofu into dice or slices and wrap it based on the consumption that we are going to give it. When defrosting, we will do it from the refrigerator and before cooking we will remove the excess water. By freezing tofu, although its properties remain intact, its texture changesIt is more porous and fluffy, similar to meat.

There are those who see an inconvenience in this property and who take advantage of this new feature to make, for example, scrambled eggs. When frozen, the tofu also acquires a brown color, we should not confuse it with the color of the tofu in poor condition, we will see that when thawed it the brown color fades and recovers the usual tone.


If once the tofu has been thawed, we want it to last for more months, we can dehydrate it Molds and bacteria that break down food need water to live, thus drying it, pathogens cannot survive and ensure its preservation. If we have a dehydrator, it is advisable to put it at 140ºF or minimum possible temperature and in case of not having it, there is no problem, our oven will do the same function. We place the tofu on a tray and dry it over very low heat for hours, until it acquires a texture similar to the skin. Finally, we store it in a plastic bag and when we want to consume it, we will only have to rehydrate it, covering it with cold water or cooking it in water or broth until the desired texture is achieved.


The marinated It is a process very similar to keeping in the refrigerator only by replacing the water with a marinade. Although marinade can be made to our pleasure, if it contains acids, such as vinegar or lemon, it can increase the duration of tofu while giving it aroma.

In order for the marinade to absorb better, the tofu must be as drained as possible. We can remove excess moisture by wrapping the tofu in clean paper napkins and even place the wrap inside a dishcloth and put a weight on it.

A good marinade to preserve tofu can be achieved by pouring citrus juice, wine or vinegar to cover it. Next, half a cup of olive or other vegetable oil and finally seasonings or spices. Shake it well, cover it and put it in the fridge.

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