How many calories does wine have?

Many of us like drink wine to accompany meals, either daily or during special celebrations. But we are aware of what is the caloric contribution of wine? Although this is one of the alcoholic drinks that are less fattening, it never hurts to keep this information in mind. And that is why we want to explain How many calories does the wine have?

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Red wine

First of all, it should be noted that there are numerous grape varieties to produce red wine, so the calories in a glass can vary, as well as depending on their alcohol content and the added sugars during the production process.

Usually a glass of red wine (150 ml approx). It can range between 80 and 110 calories. Also, people who mix wine with soda should add calories and, for example, a glass of summer red - came with soda - has about 125 calories.

White wine

In the case of White wine, the same thing happens, its caloric power will change based on the factors specified in the previous section. However, the calorie range of a glass of wine ranges from 100 to 120 depending on whether it is a sweeter, dry, needle wine ...

It should be noted that sweet or dessert wines (Mistela, Porto, Mass wine, etc.) are not included there, but their calories can double depending on the variety.

Pink wine

The pink wine We could place it between the previous two in terms of the calories it contains and, therefore, its caloric value can range between 70 and 100 calories per 150 ml cup.

Also important here is the fact that it contains a needle or is sparkling, as well as the varieties that have been used to make each rosé.

Sparkling wine

If you are looking for how many calories does one have glass of champagne or champagne, we can tell you that it will be around 100 to 180 depending on whether it is brut, dry or semi-dry. And it is that this type of sparkling wines contain a greater amount of sugar and, therefore, will increase its caloric power.

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