How to cook textured soy

The soy In recent years it has become a staple of our diet. Rich in protein and low in fat, it is ideal for healthy eating and maintaining the line. One of the options is the textured soybeans, which serves as a meat substitute for its texture and composition. With it, you can get a lot of varied dishes; If you can't think of any, keep reading. we explain how to cook textured soy.

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Textured soybeans can be purchased at any specialized center. It is wrapped in plastic packages to preserve it from moisture. It cannot be used as is, but you have to hydrate it with water or if you want to enrich it even more, with broth (1 glass of soybeans for 2 of water). Once you go through this process, you will acquire the appearance of minced meat.


Once the soy is hydrated, for many it is the equivalent of chicken mince, we can create a multitude of dishes with it. It's just a matter of imagining and mixing. It is recommended mix only with vegetables, vegetables and cereals Since having such a high amount of protein, it would be very strong and lose all its flavor with meat or fish.


Can you do soy meatballs Through the traditional recipe, the only difference is to replace the meat with textured soy. You know, flour, water and egg. Then you can accompany them with a vegetable sauce or tomato juice to enjoy your soy meatballs. In this article we give you a recipe for soy meatballs with vegetables.


Following the instructions above, you can also make Soy burgers. Add some soft vegetables to the previous mixture that you consider appropriate to mix. Create the dough, give it the shape and you just have to pass it through the pan. You can add the companion you want.


You can create your cannelloni Specials with textured soy. Instead of using meat, add this. Also to your vegetable cannelloni you can add textured soy as a complement, ideal for the diet and full of contributions and nutrients for health. Also applicable for lasagna or pasta in general.


Use it naturally to add to your salads. In cold and uncooked It is also exquisite. Next to the lettuce, the pasta or the rice (among other possibilities of salad) and all the vegetables and / or nuts that you like, you will get an exquisite dish.


In any dish that you usually add meat, you can replace it with textured soy. From potatoes, pasta, rice, grilled directly, with vegetables, salads, etc. You can see here more ideas on how to cook soy.

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