How to light a charcoal barbecue


Lighting a barbecue with coal can become an adventure if you don't have some basic notions. In we want you to enjoy a good barbecue now that the good weather arrives, and that's why in this article we show you how to light a charcoal barbecue In a very simple way.

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First of all, it is important that you place the grill on a firm and flat surface to prevent it from tipping once you start with the fire. Remember also that there are specific places where you can barbecue outdoors and that It is not allowed to light a fire outside the authorized places.


Take the pieces of coal and start making a mountain with them by placing medium and large pieces randomly and leaving the center of the mountain, or volcano, hollow.

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Take newspaper or absorbent paper and make balls, not too pressed, with them.


Then, dip the paper balls in vegetable oil, sunflower or corn. Vegetable oil will cause the flame to stay on longer and help ignite the coal.


Insert the paper balls dipped in oil into the mountain of coal and cover the hole with more coal, always leaving some hole so that the flame does not drown.


Light the paper balls with a lighter or match and you will see how the first flames begin to ignite. If necessary you can continue placing more coal, taking care not to disassemble the mountain.


With the help of a cardboard or very thick paper gives air to the barbecue to rekindle the embers of coal. With this method you will have the embers for your barbecue ready in about 20 minutes.


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