How to light a barbecue with liquid for barbecues

If you have never prepared one barbecue, the ignition may cause you a little respect. It is completely normal, do not worry because, even without being an expert in the field, there are several ways to start a barbecue in a way that is not too difficult. Use the liquid for barbecues is one of them. Have fun with family or friends and do not worry about logistics, we explain step by step how to light a barbecue with liquid for barbecues.

You will need to:
  • Barbecue.
  • Carbon.
  • Liquid to light barbecues.
  • Burner or matches.
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Open the boat barbecue liquid, hold it tight while you pull the ring.


Stack the coal on the bottom of the barbecue and pour the liquid over evenly. Use approximately 50ml of liquid for every half kilo of coal.


Wait a minute before lighting the barbecue and then set it on fire.


In a few minutes the liquid will start to burn and ignite all the coal.


Wait until the coal is gray, then the barbecue You will be ready to start cooking. Enjoy your meal!

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  • Add a handful of coarse salt to the coals to prevent the fat released by the meat from causing flames to come out and fill everything with smoke.