How to prepare a Gin Tonic


The Gin tonic or gin tonic It is one of the cocktails that has undergone more changes in recent years. This is due to the new impulse that this drink has received from consumers, who see in the Gin tonic a fresh and perfect drink to take as a digestive after a copious meal, or enjoying an evening with friends.

Today there are multiple variants of the famous Gin tonic, which more bold and innovative, but in all cases what can not be missing is a good gin, tonic and ice, but, as new recipes can confuse us, it never hurts to remember how to prepare the perfect traditional gin and tonic. You sign up?

15 minutes Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • Geneva
  • Tonic
  • Lemon slices
  • Ice to taste
You will need to:
  • Ball cup
  • Shot glass
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Before you start prepare gin and tonic, cool all the ingredients (including gin and, if possible, the cups). The ice has to be as hard and compact as possible, so that the gin and tonic is not watery.


Serve 5 ice cubes in a ball cup.


Next, fill a shot glass with gin and pour it into the glass. One of the most traditional gins for gintonic is the Tanqueray.


Serve the tonic attached to the cup, so you lose as little gas as possible. There are already a multitude of tonics to choose from, so look for one that offers the nuance you want to give your gintonic.


To decorate your glass, the traditional thing is to use some lemon slices, but you can use lime or lemon rind, and you already have your gin and tonic!

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  • If you make the ice yourself, you can try to pour juniper berries or some aromatic leaf into the water, before freezing it.
  • In addition to the lemon slices, you can use everything from cucumber or orange slices to grapefruit, raspberry, grapes, mint or anything else you want to combine.