How to taste whiskey

When let's buy whiskey We usually think of brands, or who we are going to consume them with and their tastes, or preferences. From the Passport Whiskey to the famous Red Label, each whiskey has its own personality, and it is important to learn how to taste whiskey to be able to appreciate the differences and know how to choose the best whiskey for each occasion.You tried to taste whiskey ever and you don't know how to do it? Don't worry, in reality the whiskey tasting consists of very simple steps. Take note:

You will need to:
  • Glass of whiskey
  • Whiskeys to try
  • Material for taking notes
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View: The color of a whiskey It has no relevance. Moreover, in many cases they are added artificially, as a decorative element, or to give it a distinctive color that helps distinguish one brand from another. But it won't give us any special information about what whiskey is like.


Nose: The best way to appreciate the aromas when tasting a whiskey is scrubbing a few drops on the back of the hand, and smelling after about 10 seconds. Thus the alcoholic vapors will have dissipated and we will notice the pure aromas.


Mouth: You must take a very small sip and keep it in your mouth, walking the liquid through all areas of the tongue so that the taste buds pick up the taste, and breathing with their mouths open so that the aromas arrive retronasally.


Aftertaste or aftertaste: When it comes to drinking, try sip slowly to notice the roughness, density and heat of the whiskey.


Tasting Note: Remember reflect all sensations Whiskey produces. So you will have a file that allows you to differentiate a whiskey from another, and you can remember them for a longer time. The more different whiskeys you remember, the easier it will be to taste the next one.

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  • Whiskey is a high-grade distillate, so try not to smell it for a long time. Alcoholic vapors can damage the nose.
  • A good idea is to try 2 or 3 whiskeys in the same session, to check the differences between them. But never more than 4, because otherwise your perception will get tired and in the end you will all know the same.