How are the wines of Veneto

The tradition of wine production in Italy is one of the largest and oldest in the world and the global leadership is played with France. In many regions of Italy The elaboration of several quality wines is a characteristic that stands out in terms of the development of a culture of food and wines. The region with more name in terms of wine production is undoubtedly Tuscany, although Piedmont also excels in this special classification.

On the other hand Veneto is the third Italian region in wine production with Appellation of origin for the elaboration of red wine and white wine, the first being Puglia and Sicily. The culture of the vine in this area has been oriented to the production of large quantities of grapes, the reduction of volumes and the increase of quantities, so it has reached a world renown. Discover how are the wines of Veneto in this article

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Traditional grapes

The traditional grapes of the area are Corvina veronesa, Rondinella and Molinara. Garganega is widely used, and some minority strains of Cortese, Malvasia Toscana and Verduzzo are grown. Imported strains are also used, such as Chardonnay and Merlot.

Sparkling wine

In Veneto there is also a group of single-strain wines and rare generous raisins, the sparkling wine of Veneto It has conquered an important part of the Italian sparkling market, standing out for its main characteristics that are slightly aromatic perfume and not very dry flavor.


As for pairing, the sparkling wine of Veneto is perfect as an appetizer and to accompany all kinds of dishes. There is no more to realize that, although the Prosecco grape is native to Venice Julia, it is spread in the Veneto, in the hillside areas of the province of Treviso, where this strain is vigorous.

Whites and Prosecco

The vast majority of Prosecco wines are characterized by being quiet, although the most popular versions are usually effervescent and sparkling, with exotic and enveloping nuances. But the most classic Prosecco is originally from this region and is a fundamental ingredient for the Spritz, the most fashionable snack in Italy today.

Red wines

The red wines of Veneto have a velvety and harmonious flavor, being ideal to accompany dishes such as pasta, while white wines of Veneto are structured and fruity flavors; These whites are combined with light hors d'oeuvres, fish and rice.

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