Which herbal spirits are the most drunk

In the great tradition of spirits produced worldwide, several types are distinguished. In this section we will analyze lHerbal liqueurs, very different from fruit liqueurs and other distillates. These liquors made by different types of herbs are usually taken after abundant meals such as digestives.

There are many cultures that have their own spirits, and some of them are long-standing preparations, in which they include herbs and spices. Behind each liquor there is a history and tradition that depends on the cultural context in which the liquor has been produced. In passing we are teaching the main characteristics of the three most drunk herb liqueurs in the world:

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The Amaro

This herbal liqueur is of Italian origin. It is a combination of sweet and sour and is usually taken as digestive. It is characterized by having an alcohol content that goes from 16 to 35 degrees and is a macerated liquid that includes herbs such as gentian, angelica and quina among others, also carries citrus skins, roots and flowers, also includes cinnamon, cardamom , saffron among other spices.

It is usually taken with ice, a slice of lemon and tonic water, although there are people who also take it only to better appreciate its unique flavor. The Amaro also has several classes such as Tartufo, Carciofo, Alpine, Fernet, Rabarbaro among others, which vary in their preparation and the place where they are made.


This herbal liqueur is originally from the Czech city of Bohemia, just from Karlovy Vary. It is made exactly from 32 herbs, which are aged in oak barrels. It has 38 degrees of alcohol. It has been prepared since 1807, and began as a secret recipe by the pharmacist Josef Beche.

It is very characteristic to find it in flattened green bottles, it is usually taken with ice and with tonic water, what is known as Beton (Be de Becherovka and Ton of Tonic water).


This product is originally from France and its name is that of the Carthusian monastery of Grande Chartreuse (located in the French Alps), where it was first made. This liquor is made with 130 herbs, which are macerated in grape alcohol, and then distilled, the result of this process is mixed with distilled honey and sugar syrup, and finally ends up being aged in oak barrels.

His recipe is still a very well kept secret by the monks who make it, which transmit them orally from generation to generation. During a time it was elaborated in Catalonia, although recently it has been elaborated again in France, where it is one of the most taken digestives, both in the North and in the South, especially in winter.

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