How to keep spinach fresh

If you found our advice on how to keep spinach in the fridge useful, you can not miss the simple tricks that we present in this article. Join the healthy lifestyle! In we help you enjoy the taste and properties of spinach for longer, so take note of how to keep spinach fresh.

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For preserve spinach packaged for longer, what you should do is remove them from their corresponding container and put them in a container. Then separate the leaves and remove those parts in poor condition. Then you will have to deposit your spinach in an airtight container that you can store in the refrigerator. This will preserve their delicious flavor for at least five days.


Although another good idea for preserve spinach It can be placed inside plastic bags with holes to allow the leaves to breathe and resist in perfect conditions longer.


You can too freeze spinach, keeping them in a container adapted for the freezer. If you decide to talk spinach in this way, make sure that the packaging is of quality and is completely clean. Saved correctly, you can keep your spinach for up to a year.


Another important detail to keep fresh spinach It is the type of purchase. That is, if we have bought them in bulk, we recommend that you store them in adapted plastic containers, with loose and unwashed sheets, as we explained before, while if the spinach is whole, you should pack it yourself. How? It is recommended to store them in very thin and wrapped plastic bags, in turn, in several layers of kitchen paper that absorb moisture.

Do you know other good tricks to preserve spinach for longer? Well don't forget to explain your own advice about how to keep spinach fresh.

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