What are the advantages of vacuum cooking

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The vacuum packed It is known as a technique for keep food, although the truth is that today it is also used as a cooking method. The vacuum cooker It consists of cooking the food inside the bag with precision packaging. This type of low temperature cooking, supposes a series of Benefits that we cannot achieve through other culinary techniques. In this article, we explain cWhat are the advantages of vacuum cooking?

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With vacuum cooking you get reduce food waste. While traditional cooking products can reduce up to 30%, when cooking with a vacuum bag, food can only be reduced by a maximum of 10%.


Also, this type of cooking lengthen expiration dates, since removing oxygen from inside the vacuum bag prevents bacteria from proliferating inside. Vacuum cooking achieves expiration of 21 days or even more in perishable foods. To extract the air correctly and then seal the bag, special vacuum machines such as TekVac are necessary.


Vacuum cooking also offers the advantage of cooking homogeneity, since when cooking in a traditional way we cannot achieve this uniformity when cooking food. In this way, we will achieve better results since all foods will be cooked equally.


Also, by cooking with vacuum bags at low temperatures they are achieved tunique exturas and much more food juicy than when preparing it with traditional culinary techniques.


On the other hand, it should be noted that when cooking under vacuum energy consumption is reduced, so that we will be collaborating in the preservation of the environment.

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