How to make apple strudel


The strudel is a classic dessert, and it is basically a curl with some sweet filling inside made with phyllo or puff pastry. The best known is the apple, so much so that some people believe that the only one that exists is this, but the reality is that there are many other variations. I have barely prepared it twice and it was only because of "accident": I had green apples in the fridge and I wanted to try the puff pastry I had already bought to see how it was. This is the version that I do.

4 people 1 hour Medium difficulty Ingredients:
  • 125 grams of prepared puff pastry.
  • 2 green apples
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 5 tablespoons granulated white sugar.
  • 1 pinch of nutmeg powder.
  • 2 heaped tablespoons of butter.
  • 1 lemon
  • Enough wheat flour all use.
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Here you can see the ingredients Main of this recipe. Green apples, sugar, butter before melting and puff pastry as it comes.


Peel the apples and chop into slices as thin as you can. Do not worry if you are a little thick, anyway you they will cook a lot, almost to look like a thick jam. Add honey, lemon juice and 4 tablespoons of sugar. Mix well. Also put a little grated nutmeg or powder.


Leave the apples aside and look for the dough. Add flour on the table where you go to work. Quite a bit because this dough sticks for the amount of butter it has. Put the dough on top ready to stretch.


Stretch the dough with a rolling pin. Turn every so often to stretch a rectangle. If you need put more flour. What I do is turn the dough upside down, then turn it upside down and so that the flour that I am already using is distributed.


Thus it was stretched. Do not worry because it is not uniform, as you can see I have left very strange edges but that will hide later. What matters is that the rectangle be noticed. The thickness of the stretched mass is about 4 millimeters barely, quite thin. Do not leave it very thick because when rolling it will be a lot of dough. The length was about 30 centimeters, but they can do it the size they want.


Distribute the marinated apples in the sugar and honey making a smaller rectangle. Leave the edges free. All the juice you'll have apples Also put them on top.


Take the butter, which should already be melted, and put a little around the entire edge that has been left over from the previous step. I use a brush but if you do not have use a spoon from the back.


It is time to fold. Let's fold the length. Start bending the edge over the apples and go rolling as if you wanted to spiral.


You will reach the end, where the other edge is with butter. Close that side too. If you need more butter put a little so that it sticks the dough to close it.


Also as it is now, without turning it around or anything, add more Butter but to the corners that are still open and messy.


Close the corners well and Shape the strudel. Mine was a bit rebellious and needed more butter on the sides to close.


Find the oven tray, take advantage and turn it on at a low temperature, at 160 ° C. Add a little more of the butter on the tray so it does not stick. Take the strudel very carefully and turn it over to put it on the tray. We want the part that we close when rolling is down so that it is not visible and so that it stays closed. Add more butter on top, which will give color and flavor.


When covered with butter on all sides, put the rest of the sugar you have left, which would be one more tablespoon. Sprinkle on top and with a knife make a few diagonal lines to enter and exit the heat to apples.


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Bake for 50-60 minutes. It doesn't matter if it is at a low temperature, we want apples to cook very well and not burn outside. The last 15 minutes you can upload a little temperature at 175 ° C So that I brown well outside. This is the one of us. Serve a couple of pieces alone and eat the apple strudel warm, you can decorate with a little cream.


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  • You can use apples of another color. I like greens because they are more acidic but it is personal.
  • The puff pastry can be substituted by phyllo dough but it is a little harder to get and work. I bought the puff pastry made at once because it is quite difficult to make at home and it takes a lot of work.
  • The original recipe also has cinnamon powder with apples and black raisins. We don't like either of them here, so we didn't put them.
  • You can make small apple pies if you want them individually, no problem.
  • It is ideal that you use enough flour so that the dough does not stick.
  • A good help for you to form the spiral is that you put the stretched dough on a dry and clean cloth. With it you can go making the roll. For the size of this strudel it is not necessary, but if you are going to do it twice as big, you will already need the help.
  • You can serve with powdered sugar on top or as it comes out of the oven to accompany with vanilla ice cream. It looks great with both.