How to make a ham and cheese quiche

The quiche It is an ideal recipe for any occasion: dinner with friends, birthday snacks, food for excursions ... And this is salty pie It is very versatile and, at the same time, simple to prepare at home. Also, if you have children at home, it will be great to make a quiche with them to start getting used to the kitchen. You can fill it with whatever you want and, in this article, we want to explain step by step how to make a ham and cheese quicheWhat are you waiting for to try it?

45 minutes Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • Breeze or broken dough
  • 3 eggs
  • 200 g of cheese (choose to taste)
  • 250 g cooked ham
  • 200 ml liquid cream
  • Salt and pepper
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The first thing you should keep in mind when making a quiche, whatever the filling, will be to choose between a breeze or broken dough purchase, or opt for preparing a homemade. In case you want to prepare it yourself, we offer you the step by step in these two articles:


Likewise, before filling it out, it will be essential that bake the dough a little -at about 180ºC for about 10 minutes- to prevent the recipe from rising and spoiling. Therefore, stretch it enough to place it in the mold and we recommend that you place some chickpeas or other heavy legumes on top that will help keep the dough low.


On the other hand, you should start preparing the quiche filling, so you should beat the eggs together with a little salt and then add the cream and some ground pepper. Mix everything well so that it is a homogeneous consistency.


Then add to the previous mixture the cooked ham diced or tacos and the cheese. In the case of this last ingredient, you can choose the cheese you like best: cheddar, emmental, gouda, etc. and either grated or chopped.


Finally, you will have to dump the filling on the mold with the breeze dough and bake your Ham And Cheese Quiche for approximately 25 minutes at 180 ° C. To make sure it is ready, puncture it with a pointed utensil - knife, knife ... - and check that it is not liquid.

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