How to make almonds caramelized with sugar

Consumption of table almondLike other nuts, it is very small compared to the volume of production, since 90% of it is used to make chocolate, butter and pastry products. Almonds are very common in desserts, all kinds of sweets can be made (nougat, panellets, carquiñolis, caramelized almonds and cakes. They are also used in drinks, such as almond milk, chufa horchata etc. Here we show you how to make caramelized almonds an excellent dessert or appetizer, Especially in winter.

High difficulty Ingredients:
  • 100gr. raw almonds
  • 1/2 glass of water
  • 1/2 glass of sugar
  • A splash of anise
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We take a pan, if it is a little old better, because they spoil a little (you can always save and use it for the same) and we put in it the half glass of water, a splash of anise, the half glass of sugar and all almonds Let it cook over medium heat.


We let the almonds cook, but not caramelizen. When they start to "petar", they withdraw from the fire. Waiting for them to cool while stirring with a wooden spatula.


We return the pan to the fire, until the sugar is dilated. It is removed from the heat, but always while stirring. Let's put the pan back on a low heat.


Remove the pan again stirring until the sugar shines. Next, we will put them on the marble for 2 or 3 minutes.


Then we wrap the caramelized almonds in a cotton cloth and on the outside with newspaper so they just look good toasted.

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  • It is recommended to pack them in a glass jar so that they do not twist so that they do not twist.