How to know if gnocchi are cooked


Typical of Italian cuisine, the gnocchi or gnocchiThey are commonly considered as a type of pasta - although they are prepared based on potato- and its preparation is very similar. They are usually accompanied with all kinds of sauces and are a very appetizing recipe for adults and children. Even so, it is common that during its preparation the doubt arises about how to know if the gnocchi are cooked, so we want to give you the answer. Do not miss it!

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The gnocchi -word derived from Italian: gnocchis- They are made with a mass of potatoes mixed with wheat flour, butter, milk, egg and grated cheese, divided into small pieces, which are cooked in boiling water with salt.

They are of Italian origin although today their consumption is extended by an infinite number of countries and varieties made with other ingredients have even emerged.

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To prepare the gnocchi, in the same way as pasta in general, it is necessary boil them in a saucepan with water and salt and, later, you can add the sauce that you like the most. What gives many people doubt is knowing when the gnocchi are already cooked and can be taken out of the water.


The truth is that it is very easy know if the gnocchi are cooked: when they float and rise to the surface of the pot with water. At this time, we can remove them with a skimmer or rasera and place them.


Although it may vary depending on whether the gnocchi they are homemade or buy, it will not take much time for them to be well cooked. Between 2 and 4 minutes will be enough to get some gnocchi to the point.

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