How to make a warm salad with goat cheese

As you know there are many kinds of salads, although some of them are more summery than others. One of the best salads for winter and Christmas parties is undoubtedly the warm salad. If you have guests these parties, you will always look good with a warm salad, since it is a very tasty and easy to make salad. You will see how everything will be flattering! (Photo: Monica Lou)

Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • assorted lettuce (mizuma, oak, rucola, etc.)
  • raisins
  • pinions
  • walnuts
  • 1 goat cheese curler
  • 1 slice of bread
  • sliced ​​or diced bacon
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • balsamic vinegar
  • Salt
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Combine several kinds of lettuce. Cut, wash and dry the lettuce. Some people choose to buy a bag of different types of lettuce already mixed.


In a pan with a little olive oil, fry pieces of bacon and when they are almost ready check the raisins and pine nuts to saute a whole couple of minutes.


Meanwhile, cut the Goat's ruller Sliced ​​and au gratin a little without melting, or pass it back and forth through a pan.


Fry also one slice of bread with olive oil.


Prepare a vinaigrette. Start with the vinegar, add salt and a tablespoon of honey and dissolve it. Add about triple the amount of olive oil and mix everything with a fork.


Throw the leaves lettuce in a bowl and add the fry pan and nuts.


On it place the slice of bread and slices of goat's curl with pleasure, and water the whole salad with the vinaigrette. Take advantage!


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  • Optionally you can add onion to the sauce. In that case, chop it and make it in a pan over low heat, as if you confit it.
  • If you have a sweet taste, you can put some apple chips.