How to make watermelon smoothie

Prepare fruit smoothies It is very simple and even the little ones in the house can help us. In this way, it will be more easy who want to take it and consume fruit, an indispensable food in everyone's diet. You can do them with what you like best, but it is good to take advantage of the seasonal fruits, which will taste better and be cheaper. In summer, a good idea may be to do it with watermelon, which will be delicious and refreshing. Discover with this article How to make watermelon smoothie.

15 minutes Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • 1 kilo of watermelon
  • 1 liter of milk
  • Mint leaves
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First, to prepare watermelon smoothie, we will have to cut the watermelon and remove all the seeds. Not only should you remove the black nuggets, but -if you have them- it will also be appropriate to remove the whitish ones, although they are softer.


Then, we must chop the watermelon in small chunks and discard the shell.


The next step will be to put the watermelon pieces in the blender or in a bowl suitable for the blender, never exceeding the maximum capacity limit. In case the amount of watermelon is large, you must do it in several batches.


So, we will add the milk In the mixing bowl or the blender glass, we start the appliance until a creamy smoothie is obtained.


And finally, we will put the watermelon smoothie in the fridge to cool well and we can serve it in glasses decorated with a Mint leaf.

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