How to keep crusty homemade bread - we tell you


Bread is a product that many people do not know how to keep so that it lasts in perfect condition beyond the first day. However, it is not so difficult in the case of homemade breads that you can make at home or those that now sell sourdough, which are like those that have been elaborated over the centuries.

Regardless of whether you do it or buy in the specialty stores these artisan breads, in we explain how to keep crusty homemade bread.

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Why crusty homemade bread gets hard

The main reason why homemade bread is no longer crispy is because loses its moisture as days go by. This fact is especially important not only for its elaboration, but also for the form that you are going to give it when preparing it.

And it is that the bark is responsible for stopping being crunchy and getting hard. Why? It's simple. What we call crumb or mold is what really keeps more water (and therefore more moisture), while more flour is concentrated in the crust.

This also explains that, for example, a loaf is preserved better than a loaf of bread. The key is that the loaf has less bark and it houses more amount of crumb than the loaf of bread in which there is more crust surface and the inner part of crumb is smaller and not as concentrated.

Maintain moisture to keep bread at home

Once explained in the previous section why the homemade bread gets hard, we will present a series of tips to keep it better and crisp for longer:

Leave it on air

Just make homemade bread will be hot. One reason why it is important to let it cool in the air. That is, it should not be covered because:

  • Homemade Bread: It is important to cool it in the air. If it gets hot in a bag or covers, it will remain leathery and lose moisture.
  • Homemade bread bought: In the store, surely, they will have put your bread in a plastic or paper bag. If it is hot, you have to get it out of there when you get home and wait for it to cool. If you do not, practically the same will happen as if you did not cool the bread made at home.

Serve the bread well

When serving or eating bread, it is important to cut only the right amount to be eaten. It is better to have to cut more pieces, than leave them cut. The sliced ​​slices dry and stop being crunchy sooner because they keep their moisture worse.

Ideas for storing bread

Once the bread is cold or you have already cut the amount you are going to eat at that time, it is important to keep it well. In these cases, you can follow a series of tips:

  • Cloth bag: It is one of the best ways to preserve homemade or sourdough bread. In fact, it is an excellent option because the bread can breathe and, therefore, it is facilitated to better preserve its moisture inside. In addition, to keep it well it is advisable to put some celery or a piece of potato. Actually, there is no scientific or explanatory explanation that supports why it occurs, but the result is good. It is also advisable to place the cloth bag in a cool and dry place, away from the sun and where it is at room temperature.
  • Fresh air: Another way to keep the crusty homemade bread is to leave it outdoors on the cutting board, but putting the part that has been cut on the surface to prevent it from drying out. It is another remedy, although here the result will depend on the ambient temperature you make.
  • Cover with a cloth: It is one of the best solutions. And is that the clean dishcloth of a lifetime is helpful to cover it, let it breathe and keep it in good condition.

Keep bread at home by freezing it

In many houses, it tends to freeze homemade bread (or the normal one) because many breads are made at once or bought because they are going to receive family or visitors. Really, there's no problem freezing it. In fact, you can freeze it without any problem. However, you have to do it right:

  1. Use a plastic bag that is tightly sealed or aluminum foil.
  2. It is always convenient to freeze the bread for the slices or pieces you eat each time because, after thawing the homemade bread, you should not freeze it again.
  3. Put the freezing date in the bag or in the foil so you can eat the bread that was frozen first.
  4. It is not good to leave it more than fifteen days in the refrigerator because it loses flavor.

And, if it is important to freeze homemade bread well, it is no less thaw. The best is that take it out a few hours before that you are going to consume it so that it defrosts in the air by itself. You always have to avoid the microwave because it dries a lot.

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How to moisten homemade bread if it is no longer crispy

In those cases where you have not kept it well or want it to be more crispy, you have a trick that works quite well for return moisture to bread:

  1. Moisten the crust with a little water.
  2. Put the bread in the oven.
  3. Bake at 70 degrees for two to three minutes.
  4. Take it out of the oven.
  5. Wait for it to cool.
  6. And ready to consume.

With these tips on how to keep the crusty homemade bread you can keep it in perfect condition at home. We always recommend that you use quality products in its preparation and that you follow the guidelines for its conservation. You can also ask your trusted baker what you can do to keep the bread well.

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