How to make oreo flan


The Oreo cookies They are an ideal ingredient that lends itself to multiple dessert elaborations, especially. With them we can make cakes, brownies, milkshakes and even homemade custards. If you are a flan lover and want to try new recipes, do not think about it and decide for this original option that pleases children and adults. Keep reading this recipe and discover how to make oreo flan Step by Step.

45 minutes Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • 14 oreo cookies
  • 50 g of sugar
  • 600 ml of milk
  • 1 envelope of curd powder (Royal type) or 4 sheets of unflavored gelatin
  • For caramel: 200 g of sugar and 1 glass of water
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The first thing we are going to do is prepare the candy. For this oreo flan it is optional, but it will always give it a touch of flavor. To prepare it, we advise you to follow the instructions in this article in which we tell you in detail how to make caramel. It is very simple, you must heat both ingredients until the sugar dissolves and acquires the right consistency. Then, let it cool a little and spread it in the molds. With the amounts indicated above, about eight individual crashes will appear.


Now is the time to elaborate the mass of the oreo flan. For it, crush all cookies well. If it is easier for you, you can remove the cream and reserve it for later. You can also use a blender or food precessor to get the powder texture of the cookies more comfortably and quickly.

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If you are going to use curd instead of gelatin to give the flan its characteristic texture you should mix it with half a glass of the total amount of milk specified and reserve. If you are going to use the gelatin sheets you must introduce them one by one in a bowl of cold water for 10 minutes to hydrate.


Meanwhile, take a saucepan and pour the rest of the milk if you use curd, or the whole amount if you use jelly in sheets, sugar and powdered cookies. If you removed the cream from the cookies, incorporate them as well. Set it to heat over medium heat and do not stop stirring the mixture so that the ingredients are integrated properly. When the preparation is hot, add the curd and milk mixture or the hydrated gelatin sheets (the water does not) and keep moving.

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You must stir the mixture until all the ingredients have dissolved and have acquired a creamy texture. Then, remove from heat and let it warm. If you wish, you can crush everything with the blender so that the oreo flan is lighter and any lump or piece of cookie is removed. Then pour the mixture in the molds where you placed the candy and reserve them in the fridge to make them set. It may take three to four hours to do so.


Once the custards are cold and with the right consistency, you can already serve them. As you see, do oreo flan It is very simple and the result spectacular. If you want to get fewer servings simply reduce the amounts. We encourage you to visit our chocolate, strawberry, coffee and lemon flan recipes.


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