How to preserve York ham


Some foods they are difficult to keep in their maximum freshness levels and they commonly spoil us and we are forced to discard them. A good example is the York ham or cooked ham that in a matter of very few days it acquires an unpleasant appearance and it is not advisable to consume it. Therefore, we want to explain some tricks about How to keep ham York.

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First, it should be noted that York ham is a food that spoils easily If we do not keep it properly, it is that its freshness is maintained for a few days after cutting it from the piece due to moisture. In this way, it will be more difficult to keep this sausage in optimal conditions than, for example, to preserve the ham.

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In this way, we recommend that if you buy ham and you will not consume it in the days immediately after, choose to vacuum pack it. You can buy it directly packaged, ask for it to be packaged at the deli after cutting it if they have that service or package it yourself if you have the right utensils at home. In this way, you can keep the ham in the fridge for a week in optimal conditions.


In case what you want to know is how to keep the ham in the refrigerator without packaging or once opened, it will be necessary put it in a lunchbox or airtight container. You must ensure that the container is tightly capped to prevent moisture from spoiling this cold meat. It should be noted that sliced ​​ham will not last more than 3-5 days in the fridge; after this time, you can acquire a strange color, aroma or flavor and it is not recommended to consume it

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It will also be possible freeze ham in case you want to keep it for a long period of time. In the same way as in the previous case, we recommend that you put it first in a container so that it does not acquire the flavor of other foods in your freezer. To consume it later, you just have to let it thaw for a few hours.


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