How to freeze chanterelles

With the arrival of autumn do you have chanterelles to give, sell and give away? It is a very recurring issue in those homes where you go to collect mushrooms It is an already traditional hobby, so it is necessary to look for alternatives to conserve the excess of chanterelles that we are not going to eat. A great option is to choose to put them in the freezer and thus be able to consume them throughout the year, so in we want to explain the steps about How to freeze chanterelles.

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Before freezing the chanterelles, you should clean them well to remove any type of dirt normally from nature itself such as soil, branches, leaves, etc. To do this, you can use a brush or a dry cloth at first and then moisten the cloth or kitchen paper to deepen. In our article how to clean chanterelles, we explain it to you in detail.


Once you have the chanterelles clean, it is recommended that cuts all mushrooms in pieces of a similar size. In this way, when defrosting them, you will have the chanterelles ready to add them to your stews and you will also facilitate the freezing process.


And before freezing the rovellones you must scald them that is, give them a boil so that they are kept in optimal conditions. To do this, you will need to put a pot of water on the fire and, once it breaks to a boil, add the chopped chanterelles. It will be enough to let them cook for about two minutes.


Next, you must drain the chanterelles and put them in a bowl or some other container with cold water and ice To stop cooking. Otherwise, they will continue to cook and will be too soft.


When the chanterelles have cooled, you must drain them again and you can now put them in freezer bags or lunch boxes that you can put in the freezer. We suggest you prepare rather small portions so you can defrost the chanterelles as you need them.


As soon as you have the chanterelles spread in bags or containers, you can put them in the freezer and voila! And if you continue to have a surplus of chanterelles and you lack a place in the freezer, there are other ways to store these mushrooms for a long time, so don't miss our article on How to preserve chanterelles.

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