How to know if salmon is bad

The Salmon tops the list of blue fish, being a delicious and very nutritious alternative. Full of important benefits for our health, it is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids and essential oils, however to get the best of it it is important to consume it fresh. Are you doubting if that piece of fish is in good condition or not? we explain how to know if salmon is bad in simple steps.

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One of the fastest ways to know if the salmon is bad It is to evaluate your appearance. A piece of fresh salmon should have an intense orange or pink color, which under no circumstances should be pale or opaque, if this is the case its freshness is no longer the same, so it should not be eaten.


Another quality present when the salmon is bad They are dark or white spots on your flesh. Again the color of salmon must be, in addition to intense, uniform. When we find several stained areas throughout the piece, it is best not to consume it.


The white lines typically present in the salmon They are the ones that help maintain the firmness of the piece when it is fresh. However, as the days go by and the food breaks down, these lines gradually lose their properties. If, when taking raw salmon, you notice that it is not firm and that the meat looks separated, as if it were broken, the food is no longer suitable for your consumption.


In addition, we cannot miss one of the most obvious signs that the salmon is bad: his smell. It should never be intense, unpleasant or foul, but it has to be a slight fishy smell. If that piece of salmon that you are willing to cook smells very strong, it is best to get rid of it and avoid possible food poisoning.


In the event that you have acquired a complete salmon that still has the head, the eyes are a good identifier to guarantee its freshness. They should be bright, with a properly dark pupil, be outgoing and not sunk in the eye socket and, above all, be transparent, without any stain. If you do not meet these conditions, it is likely that the salmon is not fresh.


Once you have ensured that your salmon is in good condition, then you can proceed to prepare it. we give you some ideas to cook it deliciously, discover how to cook fresh salmon or the recipe to prepare marinated salmon. Enjoy your meal!

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