How to make colored popcorn


The colored popcorn They are adored by adults and children, to the point of becoming one of the reasons why many enjoy going to the movies or visiting a fair. But who says we can only eat them outside the home? The reality is that this fun snack can be prepared at home and in less than you think, so we can watch our favorite movie with all the fun of the cinema but without leaving our home. Do you dare to try ?, we explain how to make colored popcorn in simple steps.

2 people Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • A cup of popcorn kernels
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • Food coloring, at least 2 colors
  • Corn or sunflower oil
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Although it may seem curious, make popcorn It does not have much complication, in fact it is almost as easy as making traditional salty popcorn. Remember that this is a sweet and colorful alternative that is perfect for little ones, but also for adults who love sweet flavors.

The first thing you need is a non-stick pan as large as possible, because it is not convenient to place too many corn kernels in a single cooking or you run the risk of running out of space in the pan and that they do not explode well.


In the pan add three tablespoons of corn or sunflower oil, add the corn kernels taking into account that they are not too many, stir well, cover the pan and bring to medium heat. With the heat the popcorn will start to burst, stir without uncovering the pan until they explode more spaced, then you will know that they are ready.

Remove popcorn from heat and place in a bowl. You must repeat the procedure of preparing popcorn as many times as necessary until the grains are finished.


Once all the popcorn is ready, it's time to prepare the colored candy. In this recipe, one cup of sugar is recommended for each cup of corn kernels, this cup should be separated into two or three different dishes to add the different food colors and have popcorn of different colors.


If you are going to use only two colors, add half a cup of sugar to a pan and bring it over low heat. Keep stirring constantly until the sugar begins to melt and caramelize, at that time add food coloring and stir until the sugar has become a colored candy.

Remove from heat and add a group of popcorn stirring until caramel and coloring completely envelops them. Repeat the procedure of making the caramel for the other half of the cup of sugar by adding the other shade of dye and add to another batch of popcorn.


You must make as many caramel batches as colors you want to add to your popcorn. Food dyes come with instructions to create secondary colors such as purple, for example, so you should follow them if you want other shades. Similarly, just add a few drops of dye to get the desired effect.


The homemade popcorn They are ideal to do at home with children, who will surely be surprised with their preparation. Dare to try and see how in a few minutes you can enjoy watching your favorite movie or show.

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