How to differentiate beer by type of yeast

TO when buying beer one thing is clear: the most important thing is the taste. But it is also interesting, to know which beers you might like best, to know how they are made, or what ingredients they have. In this way, we can find a guide to know what beer can be -or not- of our taste: wheat, barley, corn beers, etc. It is also interesting to know in what formats can you serve, since there are typical forms of presentation such as draught or draft beer, which give a unique flavor to some types of beer, like black beer, and that are difficult to imitate with other formats. If you want to know how to differentiate beer by type of yeast, keep reading:

You will need to:
  • Ale beers
  • Lager beers
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There are 2 fundamental types of yeast: Ale yeast and lager yeast.


The Ale yeast is also called high fermentation or surface yeast, because mixed with beer it ferments in the upper layers of the liquid at a higher temperature, above 25ºC.


The ale beer usually has softer aromas and a sweeter and less bitter taste, although there are many variants of ale: brown ale, pale ale, indian ale, ...


The ale beer is usually identified with craft beer, because this yeast is often used more in craft breweries, where it is more difficult to have strict temperature control and, therefore, it is easier to heat to cause fermentation than to maintain a cool temperature.


Instead, the lager yeast ferments at a lower temperature, up to 15 ° C, and it does, when mixed with unfermented beer, in the medium-low layer of the liquid. That is why it is called low fermentation yeast.


Lager beers are less aromatic beers, more fresh and bitter, and are ideal for drinking alone to combat heat, almost frost.


The lager beer is usually identified with more industrial beers, such as Pilsner, Marzen or Spanish "blondes", because they are easier and faster to produce in a chain, since there are fewer factors to control and produce beers with a more homogeneous flavor.

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  • The best way to differentiate a lager beer and an ale is to look at the label and taste, taste and taste until you recognize the genuine taste of each.