How to make candied orange peels

Candied orange rinds They are a sweet treat. The secret of success incandied crust The operation is being carried out very slowly so that it does not harden. Done like this, it comes out tender and delicious, and can be offered as a true sweet and also serve for all the preparations in which the candied fruit enters. It is ideal for ornament in vanilla and chocolate ice cream. In addition to taking advantage The orange rind.

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They are soaked the orange peels in fresh water for 3 days renewing it in the morning and at night.


They boil later orange peels in lightly salted water for 20 minutes.


The orange peels are drained and a syrup with 1.2 kg is prepared. of sugar per kilo of crusts.


These orange peels are incorporated (obviously without mixing them working only with one kind of crust at a time) and boiled for 10 minutes.


They are passed to a terrine and left in maceration until the next day, when they are put back on fire to boil 2 or 3 minutes and again in maceration until the next day.


This operation will be repeated every day until the orange rind has absorbed all the syrup.


When using a thick enamel cacerolite, the orange peels can be left to macerate without transferring them to a terrine, it works well.

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  • To preserve the candied orange peels you must put them in glass jars well closed and away from the sun.