How to make prunes

There are plums of many varieties, both color and size. Some have the pulp (edible part) firmer than others. Some types have yellow, white, green or red flesh. They are edible fruits, which can be consumed fresh, in preserved or dehydrated (prunes). They are ideal to avoid disgust.

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To make the plums in syrup you must wash the plums well and remove the tail.


Put them in the jar and boil the syrup on top so that it covers them completely.


Put the gums and covers and sterilize for half an hour in boiling water.


To make prunes naturally the tail is cut with scissors and they are punctured one by one, 4 or 5 times, deepening to the bone.


They are packed leaving as little empty space as possible, the washers and lids are placed and sterilized for 20 minutes at 100 degrees.


When the fruit is destined for confectionery, it is preferable to bone it before.

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  • To make canned plums and make it look good you must choose good plums, make sure they are not scratched or have bumps.