How to make eggplant vinaigrette



One thing that surprises all of us who enjoy the eggplants is its enormous versatility when preparing them It is a vegetable that is possible to fry, batter, fill and bake, use to make a lasagna or a cream to spread and, if that were not enough, use it to prepare a pickle. This option is ideal for snacks and can be stored for months in the fridge without any problem, you just have to take care to prepare them a couple of days before the time you are going to taste them so that they are perfect. Keep reading because we explain how to make eggplant vinaigrette.

4 people Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • 500 gr of eggplants
  • 1 cup white wine vinegar
  • 1 small garlic head
  • Olive oil
  • Oregano
  • Salt and pepper
  • Glass jars
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To start preparing your eggplant vinaigrette you must wash and peel them. Once peeled reserve while making the preparation that will allow you to cook them and impregnate them with vinegar giving them their characteristic flavor.


In a pot pour 1 liter of water, the cup of vinegar and a little salt and bring to a boil over medium heat. While the preparation is boiling it will be time to cut the eggplants. At home we used to chop them in the middle in a longitudinal direction and then cut them into strips of a finger of approximately thickness. Go cutting and reserving your eggplant strips, once the water begins to boil add them for batches of 5 minutes of cooking each, remove the eggplants that are already ready and leave them in a colander, then add a new batch to the water and so successively until all are prepared.


In a blender or food processor place the previously peeled garlic head together with ¼ cup of olive oil, salt, pepper, oregano and two tablespoons of vinegar. Blend all the ingredients to form a paste and reserve, this will be the dressing of your eggplant vinaigrette.


All the ingredients are ready, so it is time to pack. Use previously sterilized glass containers and place a layer of eggplant and a thin layer of dressing, so on until the pot is almost full, then add olive oil in sufficient quantity to cover the eggplants. Repeat until you finish with all the eggplants.

Cover very well and reserve in the fridge for 48 hours to get an intense and delicious flavor. After this time you can serve your eggplant vinaigrette accompanied by cookies or other delicious snacks.


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