How to eat flax seeds


The flaxseed or flaxseed They are known for their many beneficial properties for health, especially as regards the regulation of intestinal transit and weight loss. However, at the time of adding them to our diet, we often find ourselves with the question of what are the ideal options to consume them and to which dishes to add them. Do you ask it too? how to eat flax seeds easily.

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The simplest and most practical way to eat flax seeds or flaxseed is adding it raw to your dishes. It is an excellent ingredient that you can incorporate into salads to give it a crunchy touch, to foods such as yogurt or fruit salad and also to soups, creams and purees. Thanks to its fiber content it will help you stay satiated for longer.

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Another alternative is to add the flax seeds to the preparation of vegetable dishes. Sauteed asparagus, broccoli, legumes and even potatoes seasoned with a little flaxseed will allow you to enjoy a much healthier and more beneficial meal.

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If you want to enhance the effect of your natural juices or your purifying juices, you can add a tablespoon of flaxseed to its preparation, in this way you will significantly improve your intestinal transit by eliminating toxins more effectively.


To eat flax seeds in this way the most convenient is grind them. In a grinder add two or three tablespoons of flaxseed and grind until a powder is left, which you can easily add to all your dishes.

If you wish you can store a good quantity of ground flax seeds in an airtight container, always in a dry and cool place for a better conservation.

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