How to make Christmas pancakes


The Pancakes or Pancakes (pancakes) are an ideal dish for breakfast and snacks. Children love them and more if you do them in an original way. In this article we give you an idea that you will love: make Christmas pancakes in form of Christmas tree!

30 minutes Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • The ingredients you need to make pancakes or pancakes (see link on how to make pancakes above)
  • Green food coloring
  • Lacasitos or anises to decorate the pancakes.
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First you will have to do the Pancakes Following this recipe: how to make pancakes. When you do them keep in mind that you will have to make them of different sizes to be able to shape Christmas tree.


Once done, place the pancakes or pancakes on top of each other from larger to smaller Thus you will get the form of Christmas tree.


Put some green dye on the edges and if you want above.


Place some lacasitos or anises to decorate at the top and you will have your Christmas pancakes or pancakes.

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