What is the difference between flour 0000 and the leavening

When cooking, it is common to have doubts about ingredients very similar to each other and about what differences exist between them. This happens with the types of flour, since each recipe may require a different kind of flour and it is convenient to know the characteristics to use them correctly. In this way, if you want to know what is the difference between flour 0000 and the leavening, stay tuned for this article by.

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0000 flour

The flour 0000 It is also known as loose or refined flour, for being the one that has passed a major refinement process. In this way, a classification is established in which the number of zeros indicates how refined that flour is:

  • Flour 0 (a zero): the least refined
  • Flour 00 (two zeros)
  • 000 flour (three zeros)
  • Flour 0000 (four zeros): the most refined and white, has little gluten and is not able to retain gas, so the loaves lose their shape. Used in puff pastry doughs and some cakes.

Leaving Flour

If we talk about leavening flour, we mean flour that already contains baking powder and salt, so that it becomes a preparation ready for baking and making spongy desserts.

This type of flour can be bought in supermarkets and food stores, although its result will be the same as adding chemical powder -also called leavening, hence the name- to ordinary flour.


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