How to choose avocados

Originally from Mexico, the avocado It is a fruit that has extensive health benefits. Do you know some of the many properties of avocado? It is rich in vitamins, proteins, essential fatty acids, helps reduce cholesterol level, improves skin health and is a powerful source of folic acid. A very versatile fruit that we can consume in many different ways, but first of all you have to choose well. You have doubts? Do not worry because in we explain how to choose avocados.

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Do not be fooled! For choose avocadosFirst, you must keep in mind that there are different stages in the maturation process. And an important clue to know if it's at its point will reveal the color. In this sense, the greener its color, the more ripe the avocado will be and the more days it will need to ripen.


Do not forget to take the avocado between your fingers and press firmly. For choose avocados correctly, touch will be a great ally. So squeeze gently to know what stage of maturation it is in. The difference is very easy to notice: the softer to the touch, the less days to ripen the avocado will need. On the contrary, if the fruit is hard, you will have to wait a few days before you can enjoy its flavor.


Generally, a ripe avocado can take up to five days to reach the maximum ripening point, so choose avocados you want if you are thinking of booking them for an event or you want to eat them as soon as possible In any case, do not forget that an avocado will be at its point when its skin is dark and its touch slightly soft.


And you know how to choose avocados? Do not forget to share with us your best tricks.

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