How to make a ham and cheese omelette

The cooked ham and cheese they are two ingredients that perfectly combine with each other and, in turn, with many other foods; that is why it is a filling Very common for quiches, pizzas, empanadillas or even to fill chicken. But in addition to these elaborate recipes, it is also possible to use ham and cheese to complement simple dishes such as omelette and make them delicious. In this way, we want to explain in detail How to make a ham and cheese omelette.

15 minutes Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • 2 eggs (per person)
  • 50 g of cheese to taste
  • 50 g ham ham
  • Salt
  • Olive oil
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When preparing your French omelette or omelette with ham and cheese, the first thing you should do will be shell and beat the eggs in a bowl or bowl. To do this, you must first salt them and use some manual rods or a fork, as you prefer. It should be noted that there are those who add a little milk (two tablespoons) to get a more fluffy omelet.


Then you must cut cooked ham or york in small strips or dice that you must incorporate into the bowl with the beaten eggs. In the case of cheese, you can choose between using grated cheese that you will also add to the above ingredients, or any other cheese variety that you must also chop previously.


With the help of a fork, stir the mixture well so that the ham and cheese are well integrated in the egg and while putting on the fire a nonstick skillet With a little olive oil. It will be essential that the pan does not stick so as not to destroy the French tortilla while you prepare it.


Once the pan with oil is very hot, you should pour the mix your ham and cheese omelette and cook it a little with a wooden spoon - never with metal utensils to avoid scratching the pan - so that the egg sets.


Once we see that it starts cooking on one side, we will have to go around the ham and cheese omelette so that it is golden on both sides. You can also choose to fold your omelette in half, in three parts or keep the rounded shape of the pan.

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