How to fry fish


The fried fish It is one of the most popular and delicious alternatives to consume this food, and although we know that it is not the healthiest option, it is always ideal if we want to vary a little and give ourselves a taste. However for the fried fish It is really delicious and crispy you have to follow some recommendations that will help you get a juicy portion full of flavor. we explain how to fry fish correctly.

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The first thing that is good to take into account when fry fish It is the type of fish we choose. Those fish that are very rich in fatty oils, such as salmon, tuna or sardine, are not usually very fried, as the result will be a dish that will feel too oily on the palate, although everything is a matter of taste.


Among the fish that are usually conducive to frying are hake, grouper, cod, squid, sole or bass. These types of alternatives are ideal for their consistency and for being lean fish that, combined with the oil, are going very well.


Once you have chosen the fish you want to fry, it is very important to dry it well before frying it, because it is important that the ingredients we use to cover the fish are well attached, mixing with the flavor of the food.


To fry fish you can use the technique of breaded or of tarnished, either goes very well. Do you know how to do it ?, we explain in detail:

  • Batter: for this you will need beaten egg and flour previously seasoned with salt, pepper or the desired spices. Pass the fish through the egg and then through the flour until it is well covered. You will be ready to fry.
  • Empanar: it is the same procedure, but instead of flour, breadcrumbs are used. Some people prefer to add flour to the breading, in this case the fish should be dipped in egg, then in flour and then in breadcrumbs. If you choose the empanada it is recommended to leave the fish in the fridge for 15 minutes before cooking it, in this way the bread will adhere better and the final result will be much more delicious.

It is recommended to fry the fish in a pan with plenty of olive oil (or whichever you prefer) very hot. Always do it over medium heat, because if the fire is very high you run the risk that the breaded or batter will burn but the fish does not cook well.

Once the fish is browned on both sides, carefully remove the oil and place on a plate or dish with absorbent paper so that it absorbs the oil and becomes much more dry and delicious. Ready !, in simple steps you can enjoy a delicious fried fish.

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